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Saahas About page

Non-Profit Organization, South Asian Community, Community outreach programs

We know it is not easy, We know it is tough.
We empathize with you, We believe in you.

Saahas for Cause is a nonprofit organization formed on the basis of unity and community. Created in 2019 by a group of South-Asians, Saahas is representative of all of the immigrants who have summoned the courage to begin a new life abroad facing uncharted waters and challenges.

All our programs and services are designed by experts and clinicians with lived experiences. Saahas uses the evidence based data and research findings to help the South Asian immigrant community.

As a powerful team of adult and youth advocates, we use our background as immigrants to empathize with our audience, recognizing the courage and strength it takes to come to America. We know what it is like to abandon everything familiar for aspirations of comfort and success. However, we also know that it often takes many years to achieve these things, and we are here to support our fellow immigrants with the American transition, providing support and a sense of community.

Whether you have just arrived or been here for a while, Saahas for Cause is here for you.

We provide our services in LA county and Orange county.

Our Services are delivered through:

  • Wellness forums
  • Educational meet ups
  • Support groups
  • Outreach
  • Individual sessions

We can do:

  • Prevention, Education and Early Intervention
  • Mental health therapy
  • Case management Counseling
  • Supportive services for Domestic Violence victims, elder abuse victims, child abuse victims
  • Referral for legal services
  • Citizenship assistance
  • Public benefits
Our Mission & Vision

“Educate, empower, and enable the South Asian immigrant community to improve their quality of life.”

We provide supportive services in a linguistically specific and culturally sensitive manner. We provide non-judgmental care and a safe space for people suffering any forms of barriers or hardships in their life.

Even though we specialize in serving the South Asian community in Southern California, we open our services to anyone who is in need of support during their journey.


Let's Build the Better World Together
Saahas For Cause relies on the support and generous contributions from the community
to fund its various programs and services.