About Us

SAAHAS for Cause is a not for profit organization that was formed in the beginning of 2019 by group of South Asians. Reason for formation of SAAHAS for Cause is journey of an immigrant, which is full of challenges due to unknown and unfamiliar paths that they have to travel through to reach their dream goal.

We know it is not easy, We know it is tough.

We empathize with you, We believe in you.

SAAHAS is courage and it is courage of every immigrant who comes to America with their aspirations and dreams of improved life with comfort, happiness, and satisfaction. We recognize the bold step that an immigrant has taken and pressure that they have for their survival and success.
SAAHAS for cause aspires to be the support system for South Asian immigrant community through their journey in each phase of their life. May they be Youth, young adults, or older adults.

Saahas For Cause

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