Chapman University witnessed a significant celebration as the Indian community gathered to honor esteemed business leaders. Among the distinguished figures recognized was Payal Sawhney, the Founding Executive Director of Saahas for Cause, hailed for her exceptional leadership within the South Asian community.

The event, organized by Professor PK Shukla, Professor Yatri Shukla, and the Shah family, unfolded on January 16, 2024.

The recognition bestowed upon Payal Sawhney underscores her outstanding contributions and steadfast commitment to grassroots-level work. Saahas, under her leadership, has left a profound impact, extending assistance to 3108 older adults, offering counseling to 467 women, mentoring 73 youth, and providing community health services to 33,500 individuals over the past year alone.

In an exclusive statement, Founding Executive Director Payal Sawhney shared Saahas’ overarching objective: to create a community where abuse victims no longer face desperate searches for shelter. The organization aspires to establish a secure interim shelter, offering sanctuary to victims and fostering a future where no older adult feels isolated or neglected. Sawhney envisions a tomorrow where the youth emerge as leaders and trailblazers, embodying the cultural richness of both worlds.

For Saahas For Cause, this recognition is profoundly meaningful, serving as a testament to their unwavering dedication to serving the South Asian community.

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