Community Health and Outreach
We run Community Health & Outreach programs for enhancing the South Asian community’s wellbeing

We conduct Community Health and Education programs to promote overall well-being within the South Asian community, to enhance overall well-being by focusing on holistic health, covering physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Recognizing that mental health involves a delicate balance between thoughts, feelings, and behavior, this program aims to provide valuable education and resources to empower individuals within the South Asian community. Through informative sessions, workshops, and outreach initiatives, the program strives to foster a supportive environment that promotes mental, emotional, and physical wellness.


Services we offer
Community Health & Outreach

Public Benefit Applications (CalFresh, CalWorks, Medi-Cal, Medicare, IHSS and more)

The Department of Social Service offers financial and immigration-based benefits to eligible individuals. Many in the South Asian community may be unaware of these programs, which can address family needs such as caring for seniors or disabled children. We can help you with applications.

Yoga and Movement Therapy

Saahas considers Yoga an integral element in its mission to foster physical and mental wellness in our community. Beyond enhancing flexibility and strength, Yoga promotes overall body awareness. It serves as a potent tool for mental well-being, encouraging mindfulness to improve focus and alleviate anxiety. These classes create a sense of unity within the community as members gather regularly for a shared purpose. Saahas conducts regular yoga sessions led by certified instructors all through the year in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Language Empowerment

Our Language Empowerment Classes cater specifically to the recent immigrants from South Asian community, providing a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals seeking to enhance their language skills. These classes focus on English proficiency, covering speaking, reading, and writing skills to empower participants in their daily lives. The goal is to bridge language barriers, fostering effective communication and integration into the broader community. We aim to empower individuals, promote cultural sensitivity, and facilitate a sense of belonging within the diverse South Asian community. Our active classes are: English Hinglish and English Speakoji .

Hybrid Parenting Workshops

South Asian immigrant parents face several barriers, biases, and difficulties when raising children in the US. This program provides them with relevant information and tools.

School Parenting Workshops

We partner with school districts to run programs alerting immigrant parents about their children’s challenges in the US school systems, peer pressure, and dating violence. And to inform school staff about South Asian culture, parenting, and families.

Senior Youth Programs

We seek to build bridges between seniors and youth for they have much to offer to each other. For example, youth teach seniors to use technologies like cellphone, laptop, social media, which helps the latter connect with the outside world and overcome loneliness without feeling intimidated. These programs are held in partnership with local libraries.

Community Health & Outreach
Community Health & Outreach
Prevention Programs

To help South Asian community to fight against COVID-19 and other public health challenges like:

a) Hate crime: Our Stop the Hate program empowers the South Asian community by addressing hate crimes and discrimination. We offer education, mental health support, and community engagement to help individuals overcome the impact of hate incidents.

b) Mental Health: We focus on preventing mental health issues at each life stage (youth, adulthood, old age) through education, support, and awareness building. We address each age group at its level of understanding.

c) Saathi Partners in Harmony: It is a Saahas initiative to accelerate prevention of Intimate Partner Violence among adults and teenagers (also known as Teen Dating Violence or TDV) in the South Asian Community.


Let's Build the Better World Together
Saahas For Cause relies on the support and generous contributions from the community
to fund its various programs and services.