Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence-

Domestic violence (DV) or Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is the abuse that happens in a romantic relationship. It can occur between married couples, couple’s dating, live-in relationships or can be between teenagers in a relationship. It happens in both heterosexual and same sex couples. It happens when one person in a relationship abuses the other physically, emotionally, sexually and/or financially.

Domestic violence does not discriminate between economic status, gender, race, religion, age. Controlling behavior is a common practice of the perpetrators, though the abuse is hardly limited to it. The beginnings may not be so violent, but in the majority of the cases, the violence keeps escalating. The devastation consequence of domestic violence can last a lifetime and spread across generations. We encourage the survivors of Domestic Violence to recognize the violence occurring against them and not dismiss it as their fate or part of their culture. You matter, your struggle is real and we can help. Some of the services we provide for our Domestic Violence Survivors are:

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Some of the services we provide for our Domestic Violence Survivors are:

Individual counseling

Support groups

Referrals for legal consultation

Referrals for financial consultation, among others.


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