Mock Citizenship Class Artesia Library

Artesia Library 18801 Elaine Ave, Artesia, CA, United States

Citizenship test Prep classes will start from May 4, come join or share with your friends to learn more! Please fill out the form prior to the event

!!!!Chak De SoCal!!!!

Youth Chapter +1 more

LETS STAY ON THE LIFE PITCH! A few hours of cricket can have a very positive impact on your mind. Watching, playing, and learning cricket can transform the most hectic …

English Hinglish

Sahaas launched “English Hinglish”, an online series, that teaches English through games, conversations, discussions, and of course, “English Vinglish”, the Bollywood movie. The participants receive presentations for review as well …

Saathi- Parenting workshop


Continuing the much-requested topic of healthy parenting, in the second workshop in this series we will be discussing how teen brain works and ways to better communicate with them. These …

Support Group: Women Supporting Women

A safe and non judgmental group where women can share their experiences and support each other. Through a strength-based coaching from professional therapist, our community women will learn to focus …

Know Your Rights: Housing

If you are renting a house or a homeowner, it is important to know what your rights are. Join Harvard graduate and attorney at Law, Aditya Pai on June 27th …

Event Series Citizenship Prep Classes

Citizenship Prep Classes

Artesia Library 18801 Elaine Ave, Artesia, CA, United States

Learn the English, civics, and history requirements to pass the test to become a United States citizen. This free 10-week class is taught in English, with language support in Hindi …

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