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Mental Health Awareness Event By Saahas For Cause Draws Huge Response

Saahas For Cause To Hold Fun Event Promoting Mental Health in India West Journal

Community efforts by Saahas

Community service in action- Haskell Middle School, ABC Unified

Vaccine Camps – a Virtuous Cycle That Works for the Community

Hope here, despair there: For Indian Americans, heartbreak over the homeland

There have been such joyful days lately, when the COVID-19 vaccine clinics that Payal Sawhney helps organize at a Hindu temple in Norwalk are bustling, with thousands of people getting shots.

California’s South Asian community rallies support and supplies for Indian families amid COVID crisis

On Tuesday, India reached a new COVID-19 death toll. In just one day, more than 4,000 people died, bringing the country’s total death toll to more than 250,000. Mass cremations are filling cities with smoke, hospitals are overwhelmed, and many people of Indian origin in the U.S. are watching in horror and are trying to help.

That includes the nonprofit Saahas for Cause. They’ve identified different organizations in Mumbai and New Delhi to deliver food and other groceries to families in need. The group is also hosting community support circles, where Indians living in LA and Orange County can discuss their pain, grief, and shared resources.

Saahas For Cause- Encourages- Research, Innovation

Saahas for Cause is very excited to showcase the outcomes of last two years through several posters and panel presentations done at 5th annual South Asian Mental Health Consortium(SAMHC) conference. For Saahas, the clinical efforts and research always goes in sink. The posters are the reflection of us being data driven from the very first day.
We are very proud of our youth members and volunteers who have done innovative projects to address current issues that are faced by our community. 

Saahas For Cause- Pandemic edition

Saahas for Cause, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves the Indian American and larger South Asian community living in Los Angeles County and Orange County by educating, empowering, and enabling the immigrant community to improve their quality of life through its four chapters, is partnering with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

Seminar hosted by Saahas for Cause- Effects of COVID-19 on Physical and Mental Health

Saahas for Cause’, along with GOPIO-IE and COLAIAPA, hosted a seminar highlighting the mental and physical health effects of COVID-19 on March 7th, 2021. The Seminar featured Ting Qin, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, and Dr. Vaishali Saste, M.D., Hematology-Oncology. The speakers discussed things to consider as we adapt to the “new” normal. Guest speakers discussed possible protective measures, practicing mindfulness, stress management, and the safety of the community.

Saahas for Cause attended the 5 th Annual South Asian Mental Health Consortium

The Corona Virus pandemic has changed and redefined the global health crisis of our time. With L.A. becoming the latest epicenter for this pandemic, we have now reached the tragic milestone of more than 1.19 million total cases and 21k plus deaths, and the communities suffering under an almost intolerable burden of loss.

Saahas for Cause organized a seminar to help victims of domestic violence in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Organizations helping victims of domestic violence have been facing many challenges to support their clients since the past year. The courts have also had to modify their working pattern and have passed new laws and COVID-19 emergency orders.

Domestic Violence and Covid-19 Seminar

Title: DV – Case Prosecutions, New Laws & Covid-19 Emergency Orders
Time/Date: 2/25/21, at 4 PM (PST)
Speaker: Pallavi Dhawan  

Community collaboration of Saahas with L.A. County

In 2021, Saahas for Cause team members will be actively working in the South Asian community to spread awareness about Covid 19 and different ways that it can be prevented. Saahas volunteers will be seen virtually and physically in the SA community distributing PPE supply, placing awareness posters, collaborating with ethnic businesses and places of socialization to adopt strategies to enhance public health and stop the spread of Covid 19 in the SA community.

All these efforts will be supported by the Department of Health Services and the Department of Public Health in L.A. County.

Industry Magazine

This article talks about Acculturation and the acculturative stress faced by the South Asian community especially the older adults.  

Saahas Holds Talk on Hybrid Parenting.

This talk aimed at providing South Asian parents information regarding the barriers, experiences, challanges, biases and difficulties of raising children in the US by parents raised in India……

Saahas Celebrates Wellness Project.

Saahas for Cause implemented their wellness project for South Asian immigrants in the months of April, May and June. Focus groups and discussions were held on immigration, trauma, mental health issues, remedies, therapies and resources in the community.

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