Community Health & Outreach


We run several programs for enhancing the South Asian community’s wellbeing:

  • Wellness Project: We reach out to the South Asian community to build local connections and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health-related issues. Our volunteers promote community education through discussions at beauty salons, South Asian businesses, senior groups, apartment buildings, and churches. Saahas also educates about South Asian families and their culture to County Partners like DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services), DMH, DPH, DHS.
  • Hybrid Parenting: South Asian immigrant parents face several barriers, biases, and difficulties when raising children in the US. This program provides them with relevant information and tools.
  • School Parenting Support: We partner with school districts to run programs alerting immigrant parents about their children’s challenges in the US school systems, peer pressure, and dating violence. And to inform school staff about South Asian culture, parenting, and families.
  • Senior-Youth Programs: We seek to build bridges between seniors and youth for they have much to offer to each other. For example, youth teach seniors to use technologies like cellphone, laptop, social media, which helps the latter connect with the outside world and overcome loneliness without feeling intimidated. These programs are held in partnership with local libraries.
  • Prevention Programs: To fight against pandemic (COVID-19) and other public health challenges.

Mental Health

Health is holistic, physical, mental, and spiritual. Mental health is a state of balance between thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

This balance can be shaped by three main factors:

1. The system you were born with, that is, your individual chemical composition

2. The family you were born in and their heredity

3. Your quality of life, e.g., accidents, trauma, support

Mental health and balanced wellbeing can be achieved by maintaining high-quality thoughts. We encourage our clients to practice mindfulness and be conscious of thoughts entering their minds.

We focus on preventing mental health issues at each life stage (youth, adulthood, old age) through education, support, and awareness building. We address each age group at its level of understanding.

Our therapists and case managers provide services through:

1. Community education

2. Couple’s counseling

3. Crisis intervention

4. Family therapy

5. Group therapy

6. Individual counseling, and

7. Referrals

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