Digital Education Program

Digital Education Program


The purpose of the Saahas Tech digital education project is to bridge the intergenerational gap between youth and older adults. The youth volunteers organize monthly digital education training session to help older adults learn and develop digital literacy skills.
Saahas Tech digital education project operates in Orange County and LA county.

The program is designed to engage youth in volunteer activities that has capacity to instill skills in them of good citizenship, community service, patience, and empathy.

Core activities of the program revolve around a series of technical presentations, discussions, Q & A sessions and providing one on one technical assistance.

The main objectives of the Tech classes for older adults are:
1. Bridge the generation gap, engage young generation with older adults and enhance each other’s life by sharing experiences and skills.
2. Volunteer opportunity to engage youth at an early age to make a difference and serve the community.
3. Organize fun events and activities encouraging seniors to use their tech learning into practice.    4. Reduce loneliness.

Saahas Tech’s mission is “It’s never too late to learn”

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