Older Adult Wellness


We serve the South Asian seniors with a high risk for older adult abuse, neglect, financial fraud, and medical neglect as they might not know a lot about systems and services in America.

Mauj Masti Sehat

We run a seniors’ wellness forum, “Mauj Masti Sehat” (Fun Enjoyment Health), planned by a psychotherapist. We have one session a month, and invite a guest speaker for each. On average, 50 seniors attend each session.

This is a prevention project for the mental health of seniors. We reach out to 150 plus seniors every week through our outreach efforts.

Contact: Neetu Mani, info@saahasforcause.org


Learning English


We provide Spoken English skills to recent immigrants, especially older adults.

We launched “English Hinglish”, a fun online series that teaches English through games, conversations, and discussions. Participants receive presentations for review, assignments of voice recordings on assigned topics, and one-on-one sessions. Mission of this class is to enhance the confidence of South Asian immigrants in navigating the systems of the society.

Contact: Aditi Simlote, info@saahasforcause.org


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