Women’s Wellness


South Asian women suffer due to:

·        Acculturation stress

·        Cultural differences

·        Domestic violence

·        Factors directly or indirectly leading to marital violence

·        Lack of resources

·        Language differences

·        Legal & financial dependency

·        Legislative & systematic disadvantages

·        Not knowing about this country’s systems

·        Separation from family

·        Social isolation

Domestic and work obligations may leave South Asian women little time to socialize or engage in community activities. They may also experience discrimination by mainstream groups in society. These conditions increase their isolation and stop abused women from ending the violence they suffer.

Domestic violence (DV) or Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is the abuse in a romantic relationship: One person abuses the other physically, emotionally, sexually and/or financially. It can happen between married couples, dating couples, couples in live-in relationships or teenagers in a relationship. It happens in both heterosexual and same sex couples. It happens in all economic statuses, genders, races, religions, and ages.  The beginnings may not be so violent but in most cases, violence worsens. Controlling behavior is common. The damage can last a lifetime and spread across generations. Conversely, acculturation (adapting to your adopted country’s cultural norms) may empower our women to stop spouse or partner abuse: They better understand reactionary attitudes okaying abuse and shake off submissive roles.

We encourage sufferers to not accept domestic violence as their fate or part of their culture. We can help.

Under Women’s Wellness, we offer the following:

1.      Individual counseling

2.      Case Management

3.      English Language and accent coaching

4.      Referrals & coaching for self sufficiency

5.      Referrals for legal consultation

6.      Support groups

7.      Yoga/meditation sessions

8.      Art therapy

9.     Saathi – IPV Prevention

Contact: Sheetal S. Ayyathan, sheetal@saahasforcuse.org

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