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Currently, Saahas Youth has 4 projects:

Technology Classes for Seniors:

Youth volunteers train seniors to use everyday technologies through monthly sessions in LA County and OC. Sessions include technical presentations, discussions, Q&As, and one-on-one assistance.

The program’s main objectives are to:

1.      Bridge the generation gap, so youth and older adults can enhance each other by sharing experiences and skills.

2.      Cultivate good citizenship, community service, patience, and empathy among youth

3.      Organize fun events and activities that encourage seniors to use their tech learning

4.      Reduce loneliness.

 Research & Innovation:

Saahas is a very data-driven organization. We convert the impact of our clinical programs into data. We are dedicated to enhancing the inquisitiveness and research capabilities of South Asian Youth by giving them this platform to learn research by practice. Saahas research team in collaboration with professors from CSU coaches youth for this program.

Our active projects:

a.      Understanding the Acculturation of South Asian Immigrants

b.      High School Stress and COVID-19 Pandemic

c.      Impact of CDC guidelines on college students

 Social Justice:

Social justice lab was started to give the South Asian youth a platform to discuss current social justice issues. The youth team meets twice a month to hold discussion sessions on current topics, produce Public Service Announcement videos and infographics to raise awareness about social issues.

Our active projects:

Saahas Sitdown Podcast, “Who We Are”

 Public Health:

The Public Health chapter is a great opportunity to learn about health issues and public health challenges faced by the community. It’s our effort to reach out to the underserved South Asian community during this crucial time of the COVID-19 pandemic and involve the youth in the planning and execution process. We also award certificates under the Public Health project.

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