On January 13, 2024, Saahas embarked on a transformative journey with its leadership and esteemed board members, converging from LA to a hilltop ranch in San Diego for the highly anticipated Saahas Board Retreat.

Kicking off the day with a warm welcome from Executive Director Payal Sawhney, the retreat unfolded with introductions, opening questions, and a nourishing breakfast. The session was enriched by insights from Mr. Navneet Chugh, sharing his wealth of experience, and Mr. Sanjeev Sehgal, the board chair, who shared his visionary plans for 2024.

Facilitated by Leslie Robin, Senior Strategist at the Center for Non-Profit Management, a comprehensive workshop delved into critical aspects, including current trends, core roles and responsibilities of board members, organizational challenges, and an in-depth overview of Saahas’s diverse programs. The active participation of board members in brainstorming sessions led to the formation of various committees aimed at supporting the executive director and guiding the team throughout the year. Reflecting on Saahas’s evolution from a startup to a growing organization underscored the collective support needed from each board member to enhance community reach and operational efficiency. New board members expressed enthusiasm for understanding board workings and the impactful contributions they can make to both the organization and the community.

A team-building activity of avocado, orange, and guava picking, with a tour of beautiful views, led to strengthened bonds among participants. A heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Raminder Singh and Ms. Hargun Kaur for their generosity in hosting such a fruitful retreat. The day ended with a communal lunch and a vote of thanks orchestrating this event.