Saahas Annual Gala

A Journey of Courage
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Join us on October 1, 2023, for the first Annual Saahas Gala, where we celebrate our community’s work to support South Asian immigrants since 2019. Let’s forge the next chapter by expanding our programs to meet the growing needs around mental health, violence prevention, wellness, and education. Our goal for this event is to raise One Million Dollars, and with your help, we can make it happen!


On the enchanting evening of October 1st, Sheraton, Cerritos, set the stage for the inaugural gala of Saahas for Cause – A Journey of Courage. This vibrant night, brimming with benevolence, proved to be a remarkable success, attended by over 350 diverse professionals, esteemed honorees, community leaders, and guests from the South Asian community. The grand event came to life with captivating performances by various artists and Saahas staff, accompanied by inspiring real-life stories that deeply resonated with the audience. The allure of the evening extended beyond the stage, spilling into the artistic displays at the Silent auction, skillfully led by the dynamic live auctioneer Suzanne Krainock from Inspired Benefits Auctions. Guests also delighted in capturing memorable moments at the photo booth and indulged in exquisite wines and culinary delights by Nanking. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the gala served as a heartfelt platform to express gratitude to the extraordinary individuals on our Board of Directors, Honorees, and community leaders whose contributions to the South Asian community serve as a true source of inspiration. Amidst the elegance and revelry, the gala held a deeper significance. It marked a profound moment and a wondrous occasion for the staff and volunteers at Saahas, celebrating the culmination of their tireless efforts over the past four years. During the celebration, the event symbolized the shared commitment to a cause that binds the community together, progressing collectively and praising the power of a united endeavor. The evening’s resounding success is a testament to the unwavering dedication of this remarkable collective. Through the proceeds of this charitable evening, we aspire to transform the lives affected by domestic violence, elder abuse, isolation, mental health challenges, and immigration issues into a reality illuminated by hope and opportunity.
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