Saathi - Partners in Harmony (Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Program)
Saathi program is committed to educating community members and leaders about risk and protective factors of domestic violence and reduce the incidences of domestic violence and empower our community to have healthier intimate partner relationships and in turn healthier families to build a higher quality of life.
February is commemorated as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM).
Dating is often a taboo topic in our community. Many South Asian parents do not want their children to date. The youth growing up in the United States might not look at dating the same way. However, they might not be comfortable speaking to their parents about their dating relationship, if they are in one.
This poses a great risk to the teen/ youth if they find themselves in an unhealthy or toxic relationship. The lack of familial support and parental advice may lead them to staying back in an abusive relationship. This can also have a lifelong impact on their health and future relationships. Saahas as part of their prevention efforts, engage with the youth, to make them understand the distinction between healthy, unhealthy, and toxic dating behaviors, resources for help etc.
In February 2023, Sheetal Ayyatan, Program Manager for Women Wellness at Saahas for Cause spoke with Tanishka Joshi from Whitney High School for their Teen Dating Violence Awareness session for their Girl Up Club. In addition, Saahas also spoke with the Parents of Cerritos High School about healthy relationships and staying safe online.
South Asian American youth are being brought up in two very different cultures. Hence in addition to the generational difference, a parent-child relationship also faces cultural differences. It can be difficult to understand and navigate such situations. Saahas provides parenting workshops that help bridge the gap between the two generations. Please reach out to Saahas if you are interested to learn more about this.
The Saathi program conducts regular workshops in Artesia and Irvine to educate the community on:

Living Independently in America

Civic classes

Self-care coaching

Separation From Family

Healthy parenting

Healthy intimate partner relationship

Saahas believes in empowering the South Asian community, especially the immigrant population, that are at a high risk of experiencing domestic abuse.
We also work with community leaders to develop healthy attitudes as a community by reducing taboo around topics of domestic violence and mental health, hence improving the community’s chances of accepting healthier attitudes to build a more peaceful and equitable community.