So much is asked of parents, and so little is given.

Virginia Satir

My Dear Saahas Team. You got us the biggest miracle in our community. Saahas group connects us to our friends, seniors and the community through zoom session every Friday.

That is really a blessing for us. During this Covid 19 period, we cannot go out and we feel lonely and isolated but your fabulous programs keep us going. We eagerly look forward to Saahas variety programs to entertain us in the convenience of our home. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Behalf of whole community, we all appreciate your efforts very much. Keep doing great job. We are very proud of you. Good look for future!!

Aruna Brahmbhatt

Needless to say you are a remarkable group! With your hard work and enthusiasm, you have captured our hearts! We look forward to your weekly program. You select your topics very carefully and make sure that we seniors find them appealing. You always take our input and act on it to keep us happy. These caring qualities are what draws us to you. Keep up the good job, and our thanks and blessings to you! 

Krishna Murty

SAHHAS is doing exceptional sessions for seniors which are very helpful for their physical and emotional well beings and make their life worth living and enjoying and overcome their loneliness and helplessness.

I eagerly await your tech classes to learn even though I am 78 years old disabled and blind in right eye.

Rakhi has always helped me by giving ride as I cannot drive. I am highly obliged to her for her rides.

I do not know how to make videos and hence want to learn same so in future I can make videos and send which please note and help.


Mahesh Bhagat

I want to thank you and the Saahas team for all the efforts you put into the Mandir events and zoom meetings. I always look forward to getting some information and good tips on health and other issues. I cannot wait till we all meet again.

Asha Bahl

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