Testing For Covid-19

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All you need to know about different testing methods for Covid-19
Types of COVID Tests
TestType of TestSample used for testingPositive Test Result meansNegative Test Result means
PCRDiagnosticSwab from mouth, nose, or throatYou have an active Covid infection at the time of taking the sampleYou do not have an active Covid infection at the time taking the sample
AntigenDiagnosticSwab from nose or throatYou have an active Ccovid infection at the time of taking the sampleYou do not have an active Covid infection at the time of taking the sample
AntibodyAntibodyBlood sampleYou have been exposed to the virus and have developed the antibodiesYou have not been infected with the Coronavirus previously
There are two types of COVID tests available:

Diagnostic Tests – To identify the presence of the virus to determine an active Covid infection.

  • PCR Test
  • Rapid Antigen Test
A diagnostic test can help identify active infection. It can help infected persons to get the necessary treatment to combat a Covid-19 infection. It can also detect infection in persons who are asymptomatic, i.e., they do not show any symptoms. Such persons can isolate themselves to prevent spreading the virus to others.

Antibody Test – To identify the presence of Covid antibodies which help determine if you had previously been infected with the Coronavirus.

 An antibody test can ascertain that you have previously been exposed to the virus and your immunity system has developed the antibodies. Thus, this test can identify possible plasma donors for treatment of Covid-19. It can take anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks for your body to make antibodies after being exposed to the virus.

Pre-requisite for Testing: No pre-requisite or preparation is needed for the test in the form of fasting or anything else.

Who needs to get a Covid test done?
The below persons can get a Covid-19 test done:
  1. Persons who have come in contact with another infected person(s).
  2. Persons who are recommended by their healthcare provider to get a Covid-19 test done.
  3. Persons who have symptoms of Covid-19.
  4. Persons who have frequent contact with the public, such as an essential worker.
Who needs to get a Covid test done
Frequently Asked Questions
The testing is not 100% accurate. If you have symptoms or have come in contact with a person infected with Covid, repeat the test after consulting your doctor.
No. The viral test results only tell that you are not infected with the Coronavirus at the time of testing. The antibody test results can indicate that you have been previously infected with the virus. However, both the tests do not indicate immunity against the virus.
No. The testing does not guarantee protection from the virus. You can still contract the virus at a later point and become an active carrier of the virus.
No. Since the test is not 100% accurate, your doctor can determine whether you are infected with the Coronavirus from your symptoms or through other diagnostics such as a CT scan of the chest.
No. You are not required to submit a negative test report in order to return to work. However, if you have been infected with the virus at some point, your healthcare provider might be able to advise whether the virus in your body is still contagious and when it might be safe for you to return to work.


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