Your Wellness During and

After the Pandemic


These unprecedented times can take a toll on your emotional health.
Know how to stay positive and help those around you.

Learn how to deal with the Pandemic physically, mentally, and financially

If you have Persons who are at a high-risk of Covid infection

Manage loneliness and anxiety. Find creative ways to keep daily exercise and connection with loved ones. Exercises like Taichi, Qigong, Yoga can be safe to practice and improve mindfulness mind-body connection. Take advantage of technology to socialize and reduce isolation.

If you are a Student

Practice mindfulness meditation to stay in the present moment without judgement. Seek help from school counselor. Tell someone you trust how you are feeling. Try cognitive-behavioral skills or positive psychology. Get involved in community service and look for positive meaning.

If you have Children at Home

Practice self-care and seek help when you are overwhelmed.

Practice Mindful Parenting to connect with your children. Try couple therapy or family therapy when you are challenged to maintain a harmonious environment at home. Look for creative ideas to keep the children physically and mentally active. Eat healthy meals.

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