Tested Positive for


Here’s all you need to know!
If you have tested positive, you need to take care of yourself
and also prevent spreading the virus to others.
If Im Covid Positive
For Infected Persons
If you are infected with the Coronavirus, you need to monitor your symptoms and seek medical care. There is medical consultation available over the phone in the LA County. Speak to your healthcare provider to determine whether you can stay home in isolation or need hospitalization. If you do not have a healthcare provider, you can call on the LA County information helpline 2-1-1 to know more.

Self-isolate and wear a mask at all times. Maintain distance from other members of the house so that you do not pass on the virus to them.

Seek medical help immediately if you face severe symptoms such as difficulty in breathing.

Do not share utensils, clothes, toiletries, or any other objects with the house members.

For People Caring For The Infected

It is important to remain calm and composed. Do not go near the infected person unless necessary. Wear a mask and gloves when you need to go near them. Dispose the mask and gloves immediately after use and do not touch your face before washing your hands with soap and water.  

Keep an eye on the infected person for any severe symptoms. Immediately seek medical attention if you see symptoms worsening or notice that the infected person is visibly uncomfortable.

Make sure that you do not touch the infected person’s clothes or used dishes with bare hands. Wear gloves.

For People Caring For The Infected


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