Youth Empowerment
Tech Program

The tech program is led by our youth advocates, and helps bridge the gap between seniors and the youth population through technology. With this, we aspire to better the mental health of both parties through connection and community.

After several brainstorming sessions and rehearsals, our youth advocates hold monthly sessions (bimonthly during the summer!) teaching our senior citizens everything from Whatsapp to Amazon, instruction running for the first half and each lesson finishing out with a Q&A in breakout rooms. The seniors are incredibly responsive, and appreciate learning from patient teens who are experienced in technology. The digital age is upon us, and it is with the youth’s help that we help our older generation adjust.

Roles and Responsibilities

The tech program assigns each volunteer a role, all of which are listed below:

  • Presentation Creator: Creates the presentation templates and makes sure each volunteer is assigned a topic/slide.
  • Poll creator(s): Curates poll questions for the class and shares them with volunteers at the prep meeting.
  • Task Manager: Creates meeting minutes and sends task reminders during the week.
Public Health Program
Our public health program is an overall campaign to bring awareness to South Asian public health issues as well as promote overall South Asian Wellness. Whether that is creating infographics for social media, creating educational material, or releasing PSAs, our Saahas board knows that there are several prominent public health issues involving the South Asian community, and does its best to educate and inform the public.
The program board meets once a month to brainstorm ideas, assign tasks, and solidify projects in order to present at events. Volunteers are assigned specific tasks and are required to complete check-ins and have material ready periodically throughout the month. Such events/seminars are held every month or so and focus on relevant public health issues facing the South Asian community, volunteers working tirelessly to present and bring awareness to the community.
Community Health & Outreach
Research Program
The Research Internship hopes to create a welcoming environment for new researchers by giving them an introduction to the process and allowing them to work on projects that are meaningful to them. Saahas teaches interns IRB, literature reviews, data analytics, and other hands-on skills to prepare them for a future in research. The goal of the internship is to accumulate data and create a presentable research paper, which we take to conferences and take steps towards implementing results. Currently, the team meets once a week to recap current research as well as plan for the future.
Social Justice Program
We are so excited to be revamping our Social Justice team, a group of individuals passionate about policy and advocacy efforts, helping Saahas increase their reach and impact. We are working on expanding our inter-organizational and governmental interactions, and would love your help! Volunteer with the Saahas Social Justice team to help us explore specific issues that affect our communities such as social, economic, political, or even health related topics. Through our Research, Educate, and Empower (REE) model, we hope to elicit change within the community.

R- Research: Look into topics that affect our communities, policies that involve our people, and interventions that have been successful for our people. The goal of the research is to hopefully present this information in any form and encourage Saahas to implement solutions!

E- Educate: Think about ways we can distribute information about certain issues and policies to our family, peers, and community members. This could be through any medium, such as infographics, social media posts, podcasts, events, etc.

E- Empower: Plan specific advocacy events that will encourage other South Asian community members to take action as well. Whether it be phone-a-thons or letter-writing events, specific fundraisers and awareness campaigns based on your policy research can go a long way. We can even have meetings with government leaders on the local, state, or national level, and meet with leaders of other API organizations! Whichever issue is important to the team member is important to us


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